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Capillary Hydrodynamics: From thin films to oil recovery.
Marcio Carvalho

Departamento de Engenharia Mecânica, PUC-RJ
Terça-feira, 5 de novembro de 2019, 14:30
Sala 347

Multiphase flow behavior in microscale is governed by the balance between capillary and viscous, or viscoelastic, forces.  Fundamental understanding of capillary hydrodynamics leads to important technology development in coating process of optical and specialty films, printed electronics, biological sensors, $CO_2$ sequestration and enhanced oil recovery. We discuss two examples of capillary hydrodynamic flows.  

The first is related to the manufacturing of functional films by coating processes. In many applications, such as solar panels and batteries, the coating liquid is a suspension of particles. We analyze coating flows of particle suspensions, investigating particle migration and orientation and how process parameters affect the final structure of the coated layer.

The second example is associated with flows of complex liquids in porous media, with applications in oil recovery.  We study the effect of complex dispersions (oil-water emulsions and soft microcapsules suspensions) in the pore scale.  Visualization of the flow of complex fluids through a transparent network of micro-channels, which serves as a model of a porous media, reveals how the pore blocking by the dispersed phase improves pore-level displacement efficiency, leading to lower residual oil saturation.